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Q: When does the event take place?

A: The Collector’s Preview Auction will take place September 9th from 4-7pm. The Draw Sale will close at 6:25pm EDT and the Silent Auction will end at 6:30.


Q: WiIl I need to bring my ticket with me on the 9th?

Each ticket has a unique number that you will be using throughout the night as your Ballot Set Number. If you don’t have your ticket, no sweat. Give your name and ID to the kind folks at the door and they will find you and your Ballot Set Number.


Q: How does the Draw Sale work?

A: Two weeks prior to the event, artwork will be put on our website and online entries will begin being accepted. At the event, guests will receive a Ballot Set that includes a personalized bid ballot for each piece available. Simply drop the bid ballot into the box for that artwork to enter the drawing. On September 7th, online entries will end. In-person entries will end September 9th at 6:20pm during the Collector’s Preview. Up to three names will be drawn for each artwork and posted in the order they were drawn. The person whose name is drawn first will have 20 minutes to accept or decline to purchase the artwork. If declined, the option to purchase will pass to the next name drawn. This process will repeat if necessary.


Q: How does the Silent Auction work?

A: Mark Maggiori’s painting “Shine Through” will be auctioned during the Collector’s Preview night on September 9th. Guests will express their highest bid offer throughout the night ending at 6:30PM.


Q: If I put ballots and/or bids in for several pieces, am I responsible for buying all of them if my name is drawn for more than one?

A: No, though you may do so. You can also denote a preference of selection among multiple pieces. All winning names will be posted next to each artwork after the draw finishes. If you wish to decline purchase of an artwork, you will notify a nearby sale attendant to cross your name off the list to allow the next on the list to make the purchase. If you participate in the sale and win any draws or auctions, you are expected to purchase at least one work. Once a winning buyer is declared, the artwork is considered sold, and all sales are final.


Q: How do I pay?

A: Invoices will be issued via email after winners have been chosen. Artwork under $10,000 will require full payment at the event. Artwork over $10,000 will require a deposit and the balance must be paid within 48 hours. Multiple payment options will be available.


Q: How do I get my artwork?

A: Shipping will be arranged with Far West Show staff in Phoenix, Arizona. The price of shipping is not included in the price of the artwork. No works may be picked up during the event.